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Let's make a plan.                                                                                          Built to last for generations... 


Racing towards retirement? 

Many people find themselves in a hurry to retire and often get to retirement without an actual plan - for what might be their next forty years. 

We believe that successful retirement planning should be comprehensive & encompass more than simple and admirable goals of paying off a mortgage, acquiring a second home or ending up with seven-digits accumulated in a company 401(k) Plan.

That's why we offer exclusive workshops where we partner with life coaches, and others, who can help you to get the most out of your retirement.

We believe your golden years should include more than just gold...

Client Centered

Jeff Brown, a Certified Financial Planner™ professional for over 20 years, founded Brown Advisory Group, LLC based on the belief that a successful relationship with a financial advisor isn't solely be based on an advisor’s knowledge, an investor’s rate of return nor an individual’s previous familiarity with an advisor through their social circles.  More than these key factors is often the ability to mutually establish and have a very comfortable rapport, complete personal confidence and ultimately a level of trust that is typical and paramount to a long-term personal friendship.  

As such, we know that trust should never be taken for granted and that it is only established, earned and continually built over time.  At Brown Advisory Group, putting a client’s needs first and always being straightforward and incredibly forthright, including having an ability to break sometimes overly complex matters down into understandable terms ultimately will help foster an advisor-client relationship that thrives based on ongoing communication, established trust, and outstanding personal integrity. 

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