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What We Do...

With over 25 years of investment & financial planning experience, access to investment managers ranging from Ladenburg Thalman, one of the nation’s oldest investment banks, to the well-known Vanguard Group, we have a very broad range of capabilities to help you with managing investments and with any difficult or potentially complex decisions concerning your finances.  Unlike many advisors who are ultimately just sales representatives, we are happy to provide portfolio reviews, consultations and advice without requiring ongoing investment management of your portfolio.

Whether it be advice on helping you decide if you can afford to retire, when to collect Social Security or how to invest your employer's 401(k) plan, or, even deciding when it’s time to sell out of the stock market or reduce your company stock in your 401(k) plan, we have the knowledge and experience to help you increase your confidence in making important financial decisions.  And, if you are a business owner or high net worth individual, we are extremely familiar with the new tax code and can help you determine what you should be doing before 2018 comes to a close.

You may be wondering what our advisory services cost.  Each client situation is unique but importantly you should know that unlike many financial companies we do offer both a free, no obligation introductory consultation as well as flat fee consulting without requiring an ongoing relationship nor your purchase of any financial product.  Finally, you should also know that as an Investment Advisor, i.e. versus a "broker" or "sales rep", Brown Advisory Group does not charge nor earn sales commissions or have hidden fees.  

We'll get you there...

...with a simple, straight-forward approach.  First, we determine your investment objectives, as well as your tolerance for any potential risk and market volatility.  We look at this from a perspective of not just your personal concerns and emotional feelings, but from a financial perspective as well.  We believe both are equally important in building a portfolio, and a plan, that potentially minimizes market volatility, while potentially maximizing returns commensurate with your comfort level.

This results of this in-depth process could very well confirm what you may have believed – that you should be investing more conservatively, or possibly in a manner that at least helps your returns keep pace with imminent inflation – something very possibly on the horizon with recent pressure on wages and continued rising energy and healthcare costs.

The next stage of this process is an analysis of your existing portfolio – to help determine if it meets your investment objectives and risk tolerance that we help you identify and define. And, have no worries, as we are not a local franchise of any national, sales-oriented planning firm, we are not in the business of charging thousands of dollars for producing impractical hundred page computer-generated financial plans.

Managed IRA Accounts & Rollovers

Our Founder, Jeffrey Brown has more than thirty years of experience as a local investment professional overseeing individual retirement accounts and employer-sponsored retirement plans.

As outlined above, we first help you determine your investment objectives and then recommend, build and manage your portfolio to help you reach your investment goals and dreams.

We build and oversee custom portfolios using a mix of select institutional investment strategists available on a platform with the combined leverage of over 3,000 fellow investment advisors.  This platform includes managers that in many cases are not available to retail investors due to high investment minimums.

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Aim Higher

Built conservatively and designed to bend, not break, we also manage income-oriented portfolios for investors interested in alternatives to low-yielding money market and savings accounts.  Using a highly diversified combination of income-oriented investment vehicles, which may include FDIC-insured Certificates of Deposit, we may be able to increase the income from your portfolio – while still meeting your needs for liquidity and keeping any degree of potential investment risk within your personal comfort zone.   

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Tax Reform & Tax Credits

Are you a high net worth, “accredited investor” or successful business owner interested in learning more about potential tax credits that may reduce your Federal and State income taxes?  Investment tax shelters could allow you to substantially reduce your income tax liability.  And, if you are a small business owner characterized by the IRS as a "specified service business" further qualify for the new Section 199A 20% pass through deduction on self-employment income. We can also show any qualifying investor (i.e. high-net worth) how to possibly reduce income taxes by expensing (versus capitalizing over time) "Intangible Drilling Credits" in the year of investment in qualifying domestic energy partnerships.

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Section 1031 tax-free exchanges

Using Delaware Statutory Trusts, Jeff Brown has significant resources for accredited investors who are investment real estate owners that may be interested in potentially mitigating the taxable gain on the sale of an investment property, as well as the hassles of ongoing property management - using an IRC Section 1031 combined with a qualifying Delaware Statutory Trust.  Still unknown to many real estate, tax and legal professionals, these unique arrangements can potentially help investors defer recognition of gains and recaptured depreciation upon selling investment real estate.  And, we are more than accountant and attorney friendly in walking you and fellow professionals through every important step of this process.

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