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About Us

We are a Rhode Island based independent financial planning and investment advisory firm led by Jeffrey J. Brown, CFP®, a highly experienced and dually credentialed financial advisor.   As a fiduciary, our client-centered and relationship-based approach represents a stark contrast to the common sales-oriented model of banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms.  These firms commonly imply that they offer financial planning services and put your needs first, but most only provide a basic level of incidental advice in carrying out a highly systematized approach to just selling investments and other financial products.

Alternatively, as a Registered Investment Advisory firm, virtually everything we do is built on our promise to go far beyond the minimal standard of care of bank, investment house and even most call center representatives at the big mutual fund companies and discount brokerages. Quite simply, as investment fiduciaries, it is not just our promise, but also our legal duty to provide you with objective and unbiased investment advice – not unlike the level of objectivity that you expect and receive from your accountant, your attorney and even your medical provider.


But, we’re not alone.

And, nor are we unsupervised.

We share this and the information below because we understand the serious nature of choosing a financial advisor.  As such, we want to take this opportunity to tell you about us, and, hopefully assure you that we are absolutely the furthest thing from being remotely unethical or inexperienced.

Our Principal, Jeffrey J. Brown, CFP®, has adhered to the Code of Conduct of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Board of Standards for nearly 20 years.  He maintains a relationship with Triad Advisors, LLC, a preeminent* FINRA Broker/Dealer that specializes in serving the investment needs of independent investment advisors.  Triad Advisors has supervisory responsibilities and through this relationship, our business is visited and audited by field examiners annually – including some visits that come unannounced. In Jeff Brown's twelve years of partnering with Triad, there has never been an incident of a complaint or regulatory matter.

Finally, more substantial than his history with Triad is Jeff's distinguished career in financial services. Jeff has always put his clients’ best interests first and his impeccable record with FINRA, the regulatory body of the securities world speaks for itself:

Thirty years licensed.  Hundreds of clients served.  Never a regulatory inquiry, customer complaint, nor arbitration matter.  Never.   

* Triad Advisors, LLC is the #1 Broker/Dealer for Independent Registered Investment Advisory firms. June 2010-June 2018 Investment Advisor

How We're Different

First, it’s the combination of dedicated and independence that supports the personal nature of our client relationships, something that many financial planning firms often seem to lose as they try to grow too big and too quickly.  We’ve witnessed this for years as competitors commonly follow a disturbing trend of turning clients over to junior advisors.  Many  sell majority interests to outside “private equity” firms - businesses that have significant interests in making money off what were once trusted, personal relationships.  As such, we are proud to state that we are not owned or controlled by an outside third-party and that all relationships are with Jeffrey J. Brown.

We're proud of our experience, credentials and ultra-clean regulatory history outlined above. Many advisors simply do not have experience dating back thirty years, perfectly clean regulatory histories,  access to diversifying investment alternatives including real estate, IPO's, secondary offerings, and investment tax credits.

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