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“By failing to prepare,

you are preparing to fail.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Thinking about your future?

Thinking about your future?

For some people, preparing for the future might imply not enjoying living today.  At Brown Advisory Group, we can help make it easier to do both.  We can help you prepare for tomorrow's challenges, while enjoying a life of happiness & fulfillment, today.  

Work with us and we will help you understand exactly where you stand, and importantly, how things look for down the road.  As a fiduciary, we'll provide you with all the information, and transparency, to help you make important decisions to help you get the most out of your money, your portfolio, and, most importantly, your life.

We're about a lot more than just stocks & bonds.

We're about a lot more than just stocks & bonds.

Unlike many financial professionals, our founder, Jeffrey J. Brown understands a lot more than just money. In additional to being a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, he's also credentialed in Behavioral Finance – specialized training in psychology and neurology to help people make better decisions with their finances and investments. 

Also trained in life coaching by the Baptiste Institute, Jeff Brown's approach to financial planning is designed not only to help you with your finances, but also to inspire you to use your finances to help you get more out of life.    

Our Firm

Founded over 15 years ago by an advisor who knew there was a better way to serve clients, we're a local firm that also believes in giving back to the community.  

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About Jeff

He's taught financial planning at Bryant as well as yoga classes at Town Hall. Meet a CFP® Pro who's on a mission to help people get more out of life by getting more out of their money.  

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Our Process

We believe that personal wellness is related to financial wellness and that your personal plan for self-care should include a plan that provides for your total financial wellness. 

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Our Services

Unlike big firms that have you talk to someone different every time you call, we provide local, personalized financial planning advice & wealth management solutions. And, we're also just a Zoom call away...

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