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“By failing to prepare,

you are preparing to fail.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Financial planning should be more than managing money.

Financial planning should be more than managing money.

Uniquely credentialed in Behavioral Finance and a former Instructor of Financial Planning at Bryant University, Jeff Brown is a seasoned fiduciary advisor that excels at helping people bring confidence and direction to their finances.  His one-of-a-kind approach melds Nobel-prize winning behavioral & economic research with ancient and universal life principles found in the writings of Patenjali, i.e. the principles of yoga, including truth, alignment, focus and integrity. 

These principles, often known as "limbs", may help you more clearly focus on your most important life goals and while also focusing on your true financial & investment objectives.  In essence, Jeff may be able to help you filter out the "noise" - i.e. outside influences, including potentially destructive thoughts and financial decisions that often impede our ultimate potential for both financial success and self-actualization.

Meet Jeff and discover a process that will help you make better personal, financial and investment decisions.  And, ultimately help you get more happiness out of life.  We call this enlightened financial advice.

Been thinking about your future?

Been thinking about your future?

For some people, preparing for the future might imply not enjoying living today.  At Brown Advisory Group, we can help make it easier to do both.  We can help you prepare for tomorrow's challenges, while enjoying a life of happiness & fulfillment, today.  

Engage us and we'll help you understand exactly where you stand now and exactly how things look for down the road.  And,  unlike most, we offer a consultative and retainer-based approach, which means that you don't need to have or invest a million dollars to receive personal and enlightening financial advice. 

Our Firm

Founded over 15 years ago by an advisor who knew there was a better way to serve clients, we're a local firm that also believes in giving back to the community.  

Our Firm

About Jeff

He's taught financial planning at Bryant University as well as yoga classes at Town Hall. Meet a Financial Professional who's can help you get more out of life by helping you get more out of your money.  

Meet Jeff

Our Belief

We believe that your overall well-being is greatly influenced by your overall financial security and that your personal plan of self-care should also include a plan for total financial wellness.

Self Care

Our Process

Unlike advisors & companies that require your money in order to work with them, our retainer-based approach allows you to hire us for even something as simple as a one-time consultation. 

Our Process

Want to know more?  Have a question?  Ask Jeff!

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