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The Dream of Samuel Colt

The local images throughout our site are of the Mount Hope Bridge, which was an early 1920's pipe dream of Industrialist Samuel Colt.  Far from realistic at the time, Colt was able to have the Mount Hope Bridge ultimately designed and built in just over three years and miraculously more than a half million dollars under budget!  This icon wasn't just Rhode Island’s first suspension bridge, it was also the first suspension bridge in the United States that was ever painted to match its surrounding landscape.

Ongoing inspections and adjustments have helped it ultimately endure its test of time as 2019 will mark its 90th year of serving commuters between Bristol and Aquidneck Island.  And, unknown to most Rhode Islanders, it was completed and opened to traffic on the very day that was considered the beginning of the Great Depression  -  the infamous Wall Street crash of 1929, October 24, 1929.

Perhaps more amazing than the coincidence of its opening is the fact that the bridge likely still stands today only because a cautious engineer learned of its construction and materials and subsequently sent a telegram questioning the ability of its already strung cables to ever withstand the crosswinds of a Category 5 hurricane. 

The bridge's cables were already hung but were ordered removed and were restrung with even stronger, more durable steel.  This caused a major delay, but possibly prevented a disaster - not even ten years later, what was known as the Hurricane of '38, Hurricane Carol, made its way up Narragansett Bay.  Although the bridge swung wildly in the 100 mph plus winds, like a well designed investment portfolio, the Mount Hope Bridge effectively bent but didn't break, still standing tall and serving the needs of commuters some 80 years later.  As such, not unlike conservative calculations used by skilled financial advisor, cautious assumptions can make the difference between a successful financial plan and one that is unsuccessful and fraught with uncertainty.

At Brown Advisory Group, our goal is to help guide you to help your investment portfolio and bring certainty to reaching your goals and objectives, which might include constructing a portfolio that can potentially last a lifetime. No guesswork, taking nothing to chance and using our experience and cautious approach to help ensure there are no surprises in your search for certainty in your financial future.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you make a conservative and enduring plan to help make your dreams, no matter how large or how small, a for certain realty.  Building Portfolios ... Bridging Dreams - let us help make your dreams for tomorrow's realty happen today!