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In the Community

In the Community

Each year, our founder, Jeff Brown, raises money for various local & national causes.  His local fundraising efforts began during the beginning of the pandemic to promote self-care—Jeff organized and led over 50 outdoor community yoga classes at various East Bay parks and locations. 

To mark the end of the first season of classes, Jeff asked students if they would be interested in bringing donations and food items to the final class to benefit TAP-IN, (Touch a Person in Need).  The response was overwhelming, and just days before Thanksgiving, Jeff presented the TAP-IN volunteers with over $200.00 of donations and over 100 pounds of food.

Jeff continued his efforts in 2021, kicking off his first yoga class of the summer season with a fundraiser for the care and upkeep of the Blue Star Memorial at Police Cove Park.  The Memorial is maintained by the Barrington and Hameho Garden Clubs.  Jeff also organized a similar fundraiser for the Barrington Education Foundation.  This year he is also planning a statewide event for Down Dog for Pound Dogs, which is slated to be featured on the Rhode Show and held at multiple locations throughout the R.I. area.

Helping others and helping Veterans.

Helping others and helping Veterans.

Additionally, each year on behalf of our firm’s clients, we have made contributions to the American Heart Association and the following Veterans organizations:

  • Soldier’s Best Friend
  • Operation Stand Down RI
  • Blankets4Vets

We have also made contributions to the Providence Journal’s Holiday Fund and in 2020 to the RI Hospitality Fund that helped benefit local industry employees most affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Finally, we hope to continue our tradition of making a difference in our local community and across the country through our passion for identifying and supporting unique Veterans outreach programs.