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Financial Planning Services

Financial & Retirement Planning

General Financial Planning:

 Financial planning can help you create & work towards achieving your financial goals and objectives. We will work closely with you to:

  • Understand your present future financial goals and priorities
  • Provide you with a realistic and practical plan to achieve them
  • Monitor your progress
  • Update and make adjustments & changes as necessary

If you are in the midst of a career change, a divorce, or even the passing of a loved one, we can help you with a custom, step-by-step plan that can bring confidence and trust to your future.   

Our ultimate objective is to provide financial planning services in a way that:

  • Allows you to use the process as a foundation for financial direction & achievement
  • Ultimately serve as an extension & compliment to your plan of self-care
  • Empowers you to achieve your personal life goals by dealing with financial challenges while taking advantage of financial opportunities.


Retirement Planning:

We divide Retirement Planning into three key phases of the retirement planning process.

Phase I – Project, Prioritize & Accumulate

For individuals & couples with more than 5 years until retirement. This can include:

  • The goals and objectives process
  • Investment risk survey that encompasses both financial and psychological components
  • Developing a target rate of return based on risk tolerance, investment objectives and time frame
  • Determining financial contributions needed to achieve your objectives
  • Creating a custom asset allocation
  • Additional services can include ongoing checks ups that may include investment recommendations

Phase II – Inspire, Prepare & Protect

For individuals & couples approaching retirement. Here we help to prepare you for anything that has the potential to affect what you have worked so hard to attain.  May include the following in addition to Phase I: 

  • General Retirement Planning Counseling
  • Portfolio – risk identification & reduction
  • Social Security income strategy
  • Examine pension & survivorship income options
  • Examine potential survivorship income strategies
  • Debt management, mitigation & consolidation
  • Plan for health & long-term care risks & costs
  • Legacy & estate planning discussion


 Phase III – Retirement Income Planning & Preservation

Designed for current retirement, this phase focuses on maximizing net after-tax income and includes an even greater focus on managing investment risk. We will help to ensure that you are properly diversified & prepared for anything that could disrupt your financial security. In addition to that, we can also help with:

  • Withdrawal strategies to maximize after-tax income
  • Survivorship income
  • Portfolio analysis & recommendations
  • Legacy & estate planning.


Additional Services

Wealth Management

Section 1031 Exchanges

Estate Planning

Long-Term Care Planning

Tax-Reduction Strategies*

Charitable Planning

Securities Lending

*This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax professional.

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